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Mesa Directiva ~ Board of Directors


Board Chair

Valerie Gonzalez

Director of School Readiness at the Office of Children's Affairs/ City and County of Denver


"Creo en Roots Family Center porque apoya padres con el conocimiento de que son los primeros y mejores maestros de su hijo y los proporcionan más herramientas para apoyar a su hijo/a para tener éxito cuando entran escuela."

"I believe in Roots Family Center because they support parents with the knowledge that they are their child’s first and best teacher and provide them with more tools to support their child to be successful when they enter school."


Vicky Wharton

Marketing Consultant


"Trabajando con Crystal por muchos años, he visto su dedicación y amor por la comunidad y los programas de HIPPY y PAT. Sé el impacto positivo que estos programas tienen en las familias y he experimentado la alegría de que los niños sobresalgan en la escuela".

"Working with Crystal for many years, I have seen her dedication and love for community and the HIPPY and PAT programs. I know the positive impact these programs have on families and have experienced the joy of children excelling in school".


Public relations, strategic design, marketing, publishing, social media specialist. 

Vice Chair

Jacy Montoya Price

Advocacy Manager at Colorado Children's Campaign

I’m thrilled to join the Roots Family Center board of directors because I admire and respect the community-based, community-led services that Roots offers. The fact that Crystal and the other staff come from Westwood means that they are able to connect at a deeper level with the families they support and have a vested interest in ensuring all families in the community can thrive. I’m excited to work again in the Latino community, supporting Roots with my nonprofit management experience and passion for social justice and equity.


Jacy is a co-founder and former executive director of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), a sisterhood of Latinas dedicated to building a movement of Latinas, their families, and allies through leadership development, organizing, and advocacy to create opportunity and achieve reproductive justice. She currently leads Raise Colorado, a statewide coalition that takes collective action to promote bold public policy and change public perception regarding the health and well-being of pregnant people, new families, infants, and toddlers. Jacy lives in east Denver with her husband, son, and daughter.



nonprofit management, advocacy, policy, community organizing, community engagement


Ivan Anaya

Owner of Astucia Development

"Estoy participando en la Mesa Directiva de Roots Family Center porque creo en invertir en las bases educativas y de desarrollo de los niños. En cuanto antes se involucre un padre en el desarrollo de su hijo, mayores serán las probabilidades de que tenga éxito en la escuela".

"I am participating on the Roots Family Center board because I believe in investing in children's educational and developmental foundation. The earlier a parent gets involved with their child's development, the greater chance the child will have to succeed in school". 


Real Estate Development, financial modeling, development, strategic planning.


Angela Casias

Manager of Local Government Affairs at DIA / City and County of Denver


nonprofit management, advocacy, policy, fundraising, community engagement


Louisa Diffey

Denver Public Schools

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  policy analysis, grant writing, expertise in different educational settings (classroom to legislation)


Jamie Torres

District 3 Councilman, Community Member

Jamie's roots are directly in the west Denver community where she and her husband currently call home.



nonprofit management, advocacy, policy, fundraising, community engagement

Miembros Pasados de la Mesa Directiva y apoyo continuo 
Passed Board of Directors and continued supporters


Denise Atencio-Esquibel

Denver Public Schools Tuition and Billing, Community Member


Past Member

Indira S. Guzman-Sais

Founder, Interpreter of Community Language Cooperative, Community Member


Past Secretary

Alejandra López

Family Development Specialist, Focus Points Family resource Center

Past Member

Cristina Uribe Reyes

Owner, Uribe Reyes Law, LLC.  Attorney at Law

Interim President

Olga Gonzalez

Director of Community Engagement for LiveWell Colorado

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